2024 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

The Spring Festival of 2024 is approaching, Xi'an Wanshuo in order to make the enterprise and the staff to spend a joyful, peaceful and safe Spring Festival together, and effectively do the safety work during the festival, now we would like to inform the related matters as follows:

  • Holiday time: from 5 February 2024 (the twenty-sixth day of the lunar month) to 17 February 2024 holiday, a total of 13 days. 18 February (Sunday) to work.
  • All departments are requested to do a serious safety check one day before the holiday, close doors and windows, turn off the power supply, and take precautions against fire and theft.
  • On the last day before the holiday, please do a good job of hygiene, dispose of rubbish on personal desks and in dustbins, keep valuables in a safe place, and turn off the power at the sockets.
  • During the holiday period, please keep your emergency contact details open. With the high incidence of influenza and the continuing cold snap, please travel warm and take precautions with a good mask.
  • The holiday period is a period of accidents, in the holiday period to return home employees should pay attention to the journey personal, money and property safety, please return to the company on time after the holiday.

Finally, Xi'an Wanshuo wishes all the staff and customers a happy Chinese New Year and all the best!