Wanshuo CMC-30 Tower Crane Safety Monitoring All-in-One Machine Newly Launched

Wanshuo CMC-30 tower crane safety monitoring all-in-one machine is newly launched, which integrates the hook visualisation and CMC series monitoring system to assist the driver's operation and avoid blind lifting and other dangerous operations.CMC-30 tower crane safety monitoring all-in-one machine can efficiently realise the functions of anti-collision, area protection, anti-obstacle collision, anti-dumping, anti-overloading, voice alarm (clear alarm position), lifting without dead angle, real-time data uploading, remote debugging and remote monitoring of the operation of the construction tower machine running alone and group tower interference.Its safety management platform is based on the data analysis of IoT intelligent terminals, providing information services such as project management, safety supervision and data management, helping construction enterprises to improve project management and safety supervision, and to reduce management costs and the risk of safety accidents. It also supports docking with platforms such as smart construction site platforms, internal enterprise management platforms, government security inspection platforms and smart cities to meet the needs of enterprise customers.Digital management is adopted in the new situation to serve the authorities and the owners of the sites in a more humane way.