• CMC-21 tower crane safety monitoring system

CMC-21 tower crane safety monitoring system

Products, Tower crane safety | January 10, 2024 16:18

Adopting intelligent three-dimensional dynamic anti-collision model to pre-judge the risk, the unique view angle followers are more capable of enhancing human-machine interaction, and the fully upgraded six-in-one sensors, guarding the safety of the tower crane in an all-round way.

Model Number: CMC-21

Brand: VECT Xi'an Wanshuo Electronic

Type: Tower crane safety monitoring system

Product Features:Intelligent networking, data platform management, cab view and device view always the same

Product Introduction

CMC series tower crane safety monitoring system is our company for the tower crane safety operation of a comprehensive upgrade of the monitoring and control system, breaking the limitations of the traditional mode networking, the same project adjacent tower crane can be automatically identified, low latency remote monitoring, for users to bring a better experience.

Product features

Rotation, amplitude, height, wind speed, lifting weight, lifting moment, inclination angle and other parameters measurement and display;

Three-dimensional collision warning between towers and machines, when the tower arm, tower body, hook and wire rope and other structures are about to collide, a collision warning prompt will be carried out;

Obstacle collision alarm, three-dimensional obstacles can be set up, and collision warning prompts are carried out between the tower crane and the obstacles;

Area protection alarm, can draw the area, the hook into the area of the early warning prompt;

Remote monitoring, remote debugging, remote diagnosis;

Product features and original technology

  • Unique perspectives follow suit. With the help of the powerful graphics processing unit, the equipment display perspective is always consistent with the tower crane cab perspective, and the environment refers to the rotation of the tower crane, strengthening human-computer interaction, shortening the reaction time, and more conducive to the driver's first understanding of the surrounding environment;
  • Advanced distributed, self-organizing anti-collision network. The use of TDD time-division multiplexing and Beidou satellite time synchronization communication mode, to achieve equipment wide-area ad hoc network, breaking through the traditional way of anti-collision network equipment number limit, any adjacent tower machine can be automatically identified, anti-collision communication baseband using spread spectrum communication, communication interval < 0.3 seconds, strong anti-interference, do not rely on the Internet, safe and reliable;
  • 3D dynamic collision avoidance model with prediction. According to the operating speed and state of the tower crane, the 3D trajectory is estimated, and the alarm can be timely in the moving state and the stationary state;
  • Low latency remote monitoring. In view of the interval of seconds of network monitoring in the past, CMC-21 adopts low-latency 4G network and message queuing technology to reduce the remote communication interval to 0.1 seconds, the data is more fluent, the remote monitoring, recording, debugging experience is greatly improved, and the equipment management and use are simplified;
  • Accurate voice alarm prompts. By voice prompting the direction of the collision hazard source and the collision hazard site, as well as information such as lifting weight and torque value, the driver can grasp the detailed information without paying attention to the screen at all times;
  • Precise data acquisition.The main machine has a built-in geomagnetic calibration algorithm designed for tower rotation angle measurement, which automatically eliminates the influence of the metal magnetism of the tower itself on the data. The analog signal is acquired using a 16-bit ADC and filtered for tower crane public frequency and variable frequency interference. The accuracy and stability of the data have been significantly improved compared with before;
  • System composition and operation.The system and the cloud platform combine,remote debugging available,remote monitoring,Recorded data,statistics,Collision avoidance communication base band using spread spectrum communication.Neighbouring tower crane on the same project can be automatically identified.