• Remote Concrete Temperature Recorder

Remote Concrete Temperature Recorder

Concrete temperature measurement, Products | January 11, 2024 14:00

Remote concrete temperature measurement series products, can monitor four-way concrete temperature. Built-in 4G module can upload data to the management platform mobile phone and computer can be viewed in real time data, easy to operate and can be recycled.

Model Number: CS-04A

Brand: VECT Xi'an Wanshuo Electronic

Type: Remote Concrete Thermometer

Product Features: Data platform management, PC viewable data, multi-channel temperature measurement, support for data downloads

Product Introduction

The Remote Concrete Temperature Recorder is a concrete temperature recorder with built-in storage and real-time data upload via 4G network. With the aid of the recorder, technicians can measure and record the solidification temperature of concrete components in a single installation, automatically generate temperature reports, and remotely monitor the data and construction conditions via computer. The logger has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, accurate measurement, reliable storage, easy operation, robustness and low cost, which is the best alternative to the traditional measurement method.

Product Advantage

  • Plug and play in the field, support four-way temperature sensor acquisition and display at the same time.
  • Supports PN sensors or digital sensors.
  • Data storage in the cloud, free for 3 years.
  • Wireless transmission, the collected data can be sent to the server in real time for remote monitoring.
  • The web page is displayed, both on the mobile phone and on the computer.
  • Supports splitting and merging of recording periods for easy alignment with pouring and setting times.

Technical features

  • With wireless transmission, data can be sent directly to the data management platform without the need for a USB stick or USB to read and translate.
  • High-precision chips.The high-precision product uses a digital temperature sensor (DS18B20), a commonly used single-bus digital temperature measurement chip.It has the features of small size, strong anti-interference ability and high precision.
  • Data can be downloaded.
  • Construction personnel can log into the data management platform to select the required time period to download the required concrete temperature measurement record sheet, four-way temperature data as well as the temperature difference can be downloaded directly without manual record transcription.
  • Remote monitoring.The data supervision platform can be logged in remotely on computers and mobile phones to view data graphs as well as the working status of the equipment in real time.
  • No socket required.Built-in battery eliminates the need for on-site wiring, keeping the site clean and free from cluttered wiring harnesses, or broken wiring harnesses that result in incomplete data recording.
  • No distance limit.There is no communication interval between the device and the data management platform and no distance limitation.Device to device communication does not interfere with each other.
  • It can work for 45 days on a full charge.Record the temperature changes throughout the period from pouring to setting of the concrete.Recycle the device after collection and charge it in time before the next use to ensure that the device can be used normally.
  • Easy installation.Plug and play, the device is ready to use as soon as it is switched on after connecting the wires, just fix the device in the vicinity of the temperature measurement location.
  • Terminal LCD display.High-definition LCD display, the device real-time display of the collection of temperature conditions, on-site inspection of the concrete temperature changes in various places at a glance.

Product Parameter

NameRemote Concrete Temperature Recorder
Overall dimensions139*97*35mm
Temperature range-55~125℃(highly accurate);-30~120℃(low accuracy)
Temperature measurement accuracy±0.2℃(highly accurate);±2℃(low accuracy)
Working hours≥45days
Data storageFree storage on cloud platform for 3 years
Communication modeWireless transmission
Electricity storage methodRechargeable Lithium Battery